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At rūmbo, we believe the essence of a brand is what resonates the most with your audience. We help our clients discover and tap into what that essence is and amplify it.

the rūmbo road trip

Our process is to approach each client and every project with fresh eyes. Just as we see the beauty in all cultures, we recognize that uniqueness in how we help you communicate with your customers. There are, however, four standard steps to take to deliver a cohesive experience to each of our clients. 


We help you avoid hammering a square peg into a round hole. We examine your existing advertising and work with you to create messaging that is on-brand, relatable,
and inclusive. 


Inclusivity happens when we elevate the customer experience by celebrating cultural differences. We look at how traditions and customs can be essential for how your advertising connects with people.


​We measure the performance of your advertising by aggregating campaign information in real-time. We stay in step with your customers
to monitor their level
of engagement.


Self-reflection is good for the soul, and good for business. Throughout this process, we also measure our performance with frequent check-ins and a post-campaign survey to ensure we're on track.

featured work & services
featured work
diversity & inclusion

Our services focus on intangibles that allow individuals with different identities to feel they are valued, recognized, welcomed, and more importantly, empowered.

  • Market Research

  • Integrated Media

  • Social Media Activation

  • Creative Services

  • Video & Photography

  • Campaign Development

  • Brand strategy & Positioning

  • Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

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